Information about CodeAnnotator


The goal of CodeAnnotator is to help people communicate about code.

The project was inspired not out of formal software engineering practices like code reviews, but rather the need for instructors to provide effective feedback to students about program submissions. Code review software is overkill and not easily usable by students. Printing programs out and commenting by hand is inconvenient and a waste of paper. Converting code to PDFs and marking them up digitally is messy and raises issues about how best to share the resulting files with students.


CodeAnnotator has lots of features. For more information about features, check out CodeAnnotator's Features page on GitHub.

Here's a short list of some of the major features:


If you are uncertain about how to do something you think you should be able to do with CodeAnnotator, begin by familiarizing yourself with the features (see above). Next, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page on GitHub.

If you are experiencing problems with slowness, loss of data, account issues, etc., please contact the website maintainer here:

For issues pertaining to the software itself, please submit an issue to the project's GitHub page. We are also very happy to hear about any feature requests you have—please submit them as issues, tagged with "feature request"!